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Course Overview

Do you love dogs? Do you want to be a Dog Groomer? But don’t have the time or option to be in a classroom?

Then this is the course for you!

Learning Online in partnership with IgroomHub is proud to present the ONLY online course developed by groomers that includes professional grooming kit and industry best standards. This course has current, up to date information and expert advice from long time industry groomers and trainers.

The Professional Dog Grooming Certificate is perfect for those who want to make their dog grooming dream a reality!

You will gain all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to bathe, trim, clip & style the coats of all dogs including speciality coat types and many different dog breeds.

Forget just reading about dog grooming in other online courses, watch our dog grooming pros conduct each lesson in VIDEO TUTORIALS then practise with the PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING KIT we provide you!

If you’re ready to get started working in dog grooming as a career or start your very own at home dog grooming business then this is the course for you!


Nicky Renwood is an igroomhub co-founder, Certifier for International Professional Groomers (IPG), Owner of Australian Dog Grooming School, Barkers Dog Groom Software and Crackin Dog Grooming. In 2003 Nicky opened Australian Dog Grooming School, which was the first registered grooming school in Australia. Nicky has certified and trained Dog Groomers all over the world and within Australia. Nicky has been awarded many Best in Shows for grooming in Australia & New Zealand. Nicky has represented Australia on three occasions with Dogs International throughout her career, placing highly on the international stage.


Natalie West is a co-founder of igroomhub and a strong advocate for quality education within the grooming sector. Natalie’s career began 25 years ago when she embarked on a grooming course with Australia’s only Master Groomer at the time, Daphner Calendar. Following 3 years at Victorian Dog Grooming School, Nat set about developing her craft at various pet shops, salons and Veterinarian clinics, eventually opening her own salon, Doggy Dooz, in 2001.

Nat has enjoyed many years as an educator. In 2005 Nat’s second business, Dog Diversity Grooming School was launched. Many groomers have come through the doors at Dog Diversity and enjoy stellar careers as a result. From Nat herself, “Passion will only take you so far, education and training is the key to a successful grooming career.”




What is Dog Grooming? 

Canine Classification

It is important not only to be able to identify dog breeds but also their breed group. Many dogs have similar traits or uses, find out which
breed belongs to which group.

Introduction to ANKC and Dog Breeds Groups

  • Group 1 Toy
  • Group 2 Terriers
  • Group 3 Gundogs
  • Group 4 Hounds
  • Group 5 Working
  • Group 6 Utility
  • Group 7 Non Sporting

Before you start

There are many things you need to understand before you get your hands on a pair of clippers or scissors. Here we look at the industries
best practice.


Safety for the groomer, client and pet

Canine Anatomy

Understanding groomer language

Dog Handling

How to safely and correctly handle a dog while in your care.

Safety and Restraints

Important equipment to keep both groomer and dog safe.

Danger Points

What to look out for when clipping and scissoring

First Aid

What happens when things go wrong

Products, Tools and Maintenance

What tools and equipment is needed for dog grooming? How do you clean and maintain equipment?

  • Clippers and Trimmers
  • Blades
  • Scissors and Shears
  • Brushes and Combs

The ‘Basics’

There is definitely a system to Dog Grooming. Here we look at how to achieve the finer detailed work on a dog, such as;

  • The ‘Basics’
  • Nail Trimming
  • Clearing out the Pads
  • Pre or Rough Clip on the Coat
  • Cleaning Ears
  • Removing Knots from the Underarms
  • Clipping the Groin and Anus

Coat Types

As well as identifying a breed and the group the dog belongs to, we also need to understand what type of coat a dog has. Specific tool choice and coat identification as well as how hair grows, is explained here.

Introduction – Skin and Hair

  • Coat types simplified
  • Brushing, Bathing and Drying – There are many techniques needed to bath and dry a dog safely and thoroughly. Bathing and drying sets up the dog, if this is not done to industry standard, you will not be able to clip and style a dog correctly.
  • Bathing – How to get a clean well bathed dog
  • Drying – using a chamois, towel, high velocity dryer and fluff drying
  • Brushing and Grooming Out – Important techniques to achieve a knot free dog and great looking coat

Clipping and Scissoring

How to achieve a well-balanced and stylish groom.

Clipping Techniques

Identify what clipper to use where and how to achieve a smooth and safe clip for your dog

Scissor Skills

Identify what scissor to use where and how to scissor correctly

Types of Feet

A detailed look at a natural round foot and a shaved poodle foot

Mixed Breeds Grooming

Although these dogs are not classed in any formal group, they are commonly seen in grooming salons. Here we look at the difference between some common mixed breeds and how to bring out the best in them.

  • Grooming Goals for Mixed Breeds
  • The Cavoodle
  • The Spoodle
  • The Maltese Shih Tzu

Breed Specific Grooming

Here we take a detailed look at these dogs grooming needs.

  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 1 Toys
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group2 Terriers
    Norfolk Terrier
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 3 Gundogs
    Golden Retriever
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 4 Hounds
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 5 Working Dogs
    Border Collie
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 6 Utility
    Miniature Schnauzer
  • Breed Specific Pet Grooming – Group 7 Non Sporting
    Shih Tzu

Grooming Extras

Not all dogs are equal when it comes to grooming, Puppies, Senior and Matted dogs all have their own challenges.

Here we look at each and explore the different techniques and needs.

  • Using Extension Combs
  • Grooming a Puppy
  • Grooming a Matted Dog

Time to get your groom on!

By following these practical assessments, we will be able to identify if you have achieved the skills and knowledge need to become a great Dog Groomer.

Practical Assessment

Assessment 1 – Bathing and Drying

Assessment 2 – Clipping, Scissoring and Styling


Online 24/7 access to your course allowing you to study when it suits your schedule

  • Access to a variety of learning formats including video tutorials and text based guides & diagrams
  • A custom designed professional dog grooming kit delivered straight to your door with all the practical tools & products you need to get started
  • Tutoring services to ensure no question you have goes unanswered.
  • A certificate of attainment upon completion of your course to hang in your dog grooming salon or put on your resume.

Plus bonus courses!

Here at Learning Online we understand that learning a new skill is one thing, getting customers is something different all together!

So to help you build your dog grooming business and get clients we have included TWO bonus short courses in Facebook marketing and Instagram Marketing for small business!

Instagram Marketing - 3HR TUTORIAL

Learn how to: 

Grow an Instagram account (plus some growth hacks!)
Build an engaged audience
Generate powerful content
Market your brand and generate free leads
Lead generation through Instagram Ads


  1. Introduction & the platform
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Growth Strategy
  4. Ads for Lead Generation
  5. Advanced ads for Lead Generation

Facebook Marketing - 2HR TUTORIAL (plus minus)

Learn how to:

Grow an engaged audience
Create compelling content
Create Facebook ads
Setting up Facebook ads
Optimising Your Ads
Generating Leads for your business
Organic Growth Strategies


  1. Introduction & learning the platform
  2. Setting up your accounts & ad account
  3. Creating ads for your market
  4. Ads for Lead Generation
  5. Optimisation & Conversion

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