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Bird Care

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2 key modules made up of 17 lessons. Completion of this course requires approximately 200 hours of study.


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This certificate is accredited through the International Approval & Registration Centre (IARC). A non-profit, global organisation to help you gain employment.


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Learning Online proudly presents the Bird Studies Certificate. This wonderful course is ideal for those individuals who are fascinated by birds!

This in-depth but beginner-level course will start with the care of domesticated birds. Including breeds, feed, nutrition, common illnesses and much more.

From there the course will take you through a detailed study of different birds, from small native and exotic species all the way up to large flightless birds!

Being one of the more comprehensive Bird Care courses online, this course has been specifically designed from the ground up by industry professionals to put you in good stead to develop a strong foundation of the industry and elevate your expertise above others looking to succeed in this highly popular and competitive industry.

Finish this course and open up a wide variety of job and business opportunities! And also claim the mantle of bird subject matter expert!

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Course Outline

Module 1 – Aviculture

  1. Scope and Nature of Bird Care
  2. Breeds
  3. Housing Birds
  4. Feed and Nutrition
  5. Health Management
  6. Bird Behaviour and Training
  7. Breeding
  8. Working in the Bird Industry

Module 2 – Ornithology

  1. Classification and Introduction to Bird watching.
  2. The Biology of Birds
  3. Common and Widespread Land Birds
  4. Giant Birds and Long Legged Birds
  5. Seabirds and Water birds
  6. Hunters -Birds of Prey, Owls, and Kingfishers.
  7. Passeriformes
  8. Other Birds
  9. Attracting, Feeding and Keeping Birds.
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