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Wildlife Veterinary Assistant

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2 key modules made up of 19 lessons. Completion of this course requires approximately 200 hours of study.



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Wildlife Conservation and Animal Healthcare are the two key skills necessary to work in this exciting industry!

In this Wildlife Veterinary Assistant course, you will learn about general animal healthcare, first aid and rehabilitation, taking you through the basics to put you in good stead to start working with Animals.

You will also learn about Wildlife conservation, habitats and management practises. By combining these 2 units, you will now have a base knowledge and understanding about the animal health care and wildlife conservation space

Being one of the more comprehensive hybrid Wildlife Vet Assistant certificate courses online, this course has been specifically designed from the ground up by industry professionals to put you in good stead to develop a strong foundation of the industry and elevate your expertise above others looking for entry level employment in this wonderful industry.

If you see yourself working in a Wildlife Rescue shelter, welfare shelter or even want to better your understanding to help animals in need as you come across them in rural areas, this is the course is the one for you!

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Course Outline

Module 1 – Wildlife Conservation

  1. Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
  2. Recovery of Threatened Species
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Approaches to Conservation of Threatened Wildlife
  5. Vegetation Surveys
  6. Fauna Surveys
  7. Marine Conservation
  8. Planning for Wildlife

Module 2 – Animal Healthcare

  • Introduction to Animal Health Care
  • Common Health Problems in farm animals and pets
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Signs of Ill Health
  • Veterinary Facilities
  • Safety Procedures
  • Animal First Aid
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Routine Health Treatments
  • Health Problems in Domestic Pets
  • Rehabilitation Care
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