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How to turn your passion for food into a career: Culinary arts and hospitality

Food. We all know it, we all love it. It’s a vital part of our daily routine as well as being a source of enjoyment and social engagement.

With cuisine and food culture becoming ever more expansive and innovative, with new dishes and flavours being created everyday, there is no end of culinary careers for those with a love of good grub.

Want to know how to turn your passion for food into a career? Well then, look no further than My Learning Online!

Foodie careers

With the culinary arts and hospitality industry at the heart of most social gatherings and events, it’s no wonder that these jobs are always in such high demand. Whether you are a budding chef, food experimentalist, hospitality and organisation enthusiast or nutrition fanatic

Now, when we think of careers in the food industry our minds nearly always go to ‘chef’ or ‘haute cuisine’. But what about taking it back to basics? What lies at the heart of good food, good nutrition and organisation? How can we turn a passion for good food into a successful business endeavour?

Lifestyle and Nutrition courses with My Learning Online

When it comes to choosing a specialty in the food and hospitality sector, it can be hard to know where to turn. With our comprehensive and focused courses in lifestyle and nutrition, we have created clear pathways to help guide any level of interest:

Careers for foodies infographic

This course has been designed specifically for those seeking a career in nutrition coaching – whether you want to start your own business from the ground up or join an existing team of health professionals, this course is the perfect first step on your journey. Put simply, nutrition online courses are an excellent choice for any budding nutrition expert. 

This course will equip you with extensive knowledge about healthy eating, writing diet plans and customising diets and eating for your clients, as well as learning about the way certain foods influence energy levels, fats and muscles. Our course is very business focused and comes with small business training to help you pursue your own nutrition business.

The perfect choice for anyone who is passionate about fitness, sport health and proper nutrition. You will gain valuable skills and knowledge to apply dietary interventions to help you or your clients achieve maximum performance. Sportspeople often have special dietary needs to help them fulfil their athletic potential, and this course will teach you how to develop your understanding of the way nutrition relates to sporting performance, help both sportspeople and yourself improve and manage performance and diet, as well as expand your career options to work in the fitness, health, or sports industries.

This course starts by laying the foundations of how we absorb food, an overview of the different components of food and the basics of nutrient disorders. The second module will help you understand sports nutrition, nutrition for fitness, sports supplements, and the relationships between performance, health, and food.

Every individual body is different – physical characteristics (including genetics) will vary from one individual to another, similarly, the nutritional components used in some sports will differ from those used in others. This course will equip you to recognise and understand the various needs of each individual client, and give you extensive knowledge in sports nutrition in both a holistic and scientific way.

Certificate in Sports Nutrition infographic

Whether you are looking to understand and adopt healthier choices for your own child or family, implement a new lifestyle balance for your family, or embark on a new rewarding career, this course is an excellent choice.

Many of us are aware of the increasing concern over the eating habits of our young, and for those working with children and their parents, understanding nutritional needs and what drives these needs is very useful. Many parents can find nutrition confusing and overwhelming, wanting to do what is best for their child but perhaps unsure where to look. With a career in children’s nutrition, YOU can be the one to help them find the right information.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and competencies required to manage the nutritional requirements and challenges during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, and childhood until adolescence. We also take a holistic approach, focusing not just on what to feed children, but also eating patterns and nutritional requirements from pre-pregnancy through to teens.

Certificate in maternal and children's nutrition infographic

Good nutrition starts with guidance and understanding, and on this course, armed with your enthusiasm and willingness to help others, you will gain insight into how to refine your skills to offer the best service you can to your clients.

You will further explore all areas of health and wellbeing, such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, preventative health and First Aid with one-on-one guidance from your tutor.

Life coaching not only involves planning and engaging in processes to bring about change, it also involves motivating the client to accept the need for inner change in order to bring about outer change.

In this course, you will access 18 key units designed to give you the skills you need to either run your own business or work for a company in the space of life coaching.

Why choose us?

Here at My Learning Online we have a huge selection of professionally tailored short courses in various business sectors to choose from. Whether you are starting out or returning to training, a certificate is an impressive asset to any resume, showing a commitment to your work as well as an openness and curiosity to keep learning. 

Not only will you learn new skills on one of our online courses, but you will also have opportunities to network with like-minded people, opening doors for different job opportunities and business ventures that you perhaps hadn’t been exposed to before.

All our certificates follow an entirely online course structure, giving you the flexibility to work your learning around your schedule and lifestyle. This 24/7 access to learning and total flexibility is what sets us apart from other study programs, and is the perfect choice for anyone who perhaps does not have the time or resources to commit to a full time degree course.

On top of that, for the courses which require it we will send you your very own custom-made kit straight to your front door, with everything you will need to get started on your journey.

Each of our courses comes with a downloadable brochure with more information on course content, accessing your learning online, tutor support and more. 

We have a friendly team of course consultants on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have, and to help direct you towards the best course for you. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out more about any of the courses which spark your interest.

Get in touch today and start your journey with one of the most comprehensive short nutrition courses online on the market. With nutrition courses online in Australia with My Learning Online, your passions can become a proper career.


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