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Sports Nutrition

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This course comprises of 2 subjects and is made up 18 core units of study. The amount of study time required to complete this course is approximately 200 hours of study. 


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Always dreamed of knowing how to get the best results from your training sessions or working in the Health and Fitness industry? This course is perfect if you are wanting to gain the skills and knowledge to apply dietary interventions to help you or your clients achieve maximum performance. Sportspeople have special dietary needs to help them fulfil their athletic potential. In this course, you will:

 – Develop your understanding of the way nutrition relates to sporting performance

– Improve your own performance in sport and fitness

– Help sportsmen and athletes manage their diet

– Expand your career options to work in the fitness, health, or sports industries

This course starts by laying the foundations of how we absorb food, an overview of the different components of food and the basics of nutrient disorders. The second module will help you understand sports nutrition, nutrition for fitness, sports supplements, and the relationships between performance, health, and food.

When you exercise, the food you have consumed is used to fuel the body. The components of food used during exercise are to a degree, different to those components which may be used when not exercising. It, therefore, stands to reason that the nutrition required for greater sporting activity can be different to the nutrition required for less sporting activity.

This whole premise is however complicated by the fact that the physical characteristics (including genetics) will vary from one individual to another, similarly, the nutritional components used in some sports will differ from those used in others. In effect, every situation is different, this reason alone is why you need to understand sports nutrition in a holistic and scientific way if you are to make appropriate nutrition choices. 

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Course Outline

Subject 1 – Foundations Of Nutrition

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Nutrition
  • Unit 2 – The Digestive System
  • Unit 3 – Absorption & Enzymes
  • Unit 4 – Energy Value and Foods
  • Unit 5 – Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Unit 6 – Proteins
  • Unit 7 – Vitamins and Minerals
  • Unit 8 – Water
  • Unit 9 – Nutrient Disorders

Subject 2 – Sports Nutrition

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Human and Sports Nutrition
  • Unit 2 – Energy
  • Unit 3 – Energy in the Athlete’s Body
  • Unit 4 – The Training Diet
  • Unit 5 – The Competition Diet
  • Unit 6 – Fluids
  • Unit 7 – The Athlete’s Body Composition
  • Unit 8 – Weight Management
  • Unit 9 – Training for Size and the Use of Sports Supplements
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