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Pregnancy/Maternal and Children’s Nutrition

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This course comprises of 2 subjects and makeup 19 core units of study. The amount of study time required to complete this course is approximately 200 hours of study.


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This course will arm you with the most powerful weapon of all, knowledge! Whether you are looking to understand and adopt healthier choices for your child or family, implement a new lifestyle balance for your family, or embark on a new rewarding career in Children’s Nutrition, this course is perfect for you.

Recently there has been increasing concern over the eating habits of our young, this is in part due to the increasing rates of obesity. For those working with children and their parents, understanding nutritional needs and what drives these needs is very useful. Many parents find nutrition confusing and seek information from a wide array of sources. You can be the one to help them find the right information to make better choices.

Ensuring the health of a child doesn’t start at birth, rather it begins in the pre-conception stage. What the parents consume and expose themselves to can impact their ability to conceive and the health of their offspring.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and competencies required to manage the nutritional requirements and challenges during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, and childhood until adolescence. The nine months of pregnancy is the most significant phase of growth and development in humans. Nutrition is one of the modifiable factors which impacts how well the growth and development processes occur during pregnancy.

This course takes a holistic approach, focusing not just on what to feed children, but also eating patterns and nutritional requirements from pre-pregnancy through to teens.

The first module starts by laying the foundations of how we absorb food, an overview of the different components of food, and the basics of nutrient disorders. The second module starts with pre-conception care, moving through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infanthood up until adolescence. You will learn about the differences between adult and child nutrition, food sensitivities, how to balance macronutrients, and how to be food-positive and health-positive with children.

This is a must course for people working in the health, childcare and nutrition industry, and also for people who work with or have children. The skills you will gain from this course will be ideal for those individuals who are seeking to help others and their families.

Graduates may work alongside other health professionals to bring in the nutritional aspect of health to clients. There may also be a wide range of other opportunities, such as working for an online pregnancy and children’s nutrition website as a freelance journalist, health coaching, developing an online business offering products or services

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Course Outline

Subject 1 – Foundations Of Nutrition

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Nutrition
  • Unit 2 – The Digestive System
  • Unit 3 – Absorption & Enzymes
  • Unit 4 – Energy Value and Foods
  • Unit 5 – Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Unit 6 – Proteins
  • Unit 7 – Vitamins and Minerals
  • Unit 8 – Water
  • Unit 9 – Nutrient Disorders

Subject 2 – Children's Nutrition

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Child Nutrition
  • Unit 2 – Nutrition for Pre-Pregnancy
  • Unit 3 – Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Unit 4 – Nutrition in Infants
  • Unit 5 – Nutrition in Childhood
  • Unit 6 – Nutritional Concerns
  • Unit 7 – Healthy Eating Behaviours
  • Unit 8 – Issues in Child Nutrition
  • Unit 9 – Childhood Obesity
  • Unit 10 – Diet Plans
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