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Course Overview

Animal welfare is an industry that deals with how an animal copes with its current environmental conditions. This covers everything from potential problems around disease prevention, appropriate shelter, nutrition and humane handling. Have you ever seen conditions that an animal lives in that you are dissatisfied with? Do you want to make a difference? This course can give you the fundamental knowledge of how to go about supporting these beloved creatures in a number of different environments and possible workplaces. From privately owned pet shops to public animal sanctuaries, the course will give you the opportunity to show that you have a competent skill-set to work hands on in these industries.


  1. Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare
  2. Psychology and Sentience
  3. Managing Animal Welfare
  4. Animal Protection Services
  5. Animal Rescue Services
  6. Animal Health Services
  7. Animal Welfare for Pets, Work Animals and Animals in Sport
  8. Animal Welfare for Farm Animals
  9. Animal Welfare for Wildlife: Free and Captive
  10. Introduction to Animal Health Care
  11. Common Health Problems in farm animals and pets
  12. Animal Behaviour
  13. Signs of Ill Health
  14. Veterinary Facilities
  15. Safety Procedures
  16. Administration of Animal Health
  17. Animal First Aid
  18. Preventative Health Care
  19. Routine Health Treatments
  20. Health Problems in Domestic Pets
  21. Rehabilitation Care


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