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Best paying wildlife jobs

Working with animals is never boring, each day filled with more surprises than the next. With so many different species in the world, it’s then no surprise that there’s a wide range of animal-based careers for animal lovers to pursue. 

It can be hard to pick just one, but My Learning Online is here to lend a hand. 

In this blog we are going to take you through some of the best paying wildlife jobs on the market, as well as how to get yourself there! 

Best paying wildlife jobs

One of the most rewarding things in any career is being able to make money from doing what you love. We have put together a list of some of the best paid wildlife jobs AU to give you a sense of where you might want to focus your career:

Veterinarian / Animal science and care

One of the most high demand and rewarding careers in the wildlife sector is veterinary science and animal care. From general veterinary practice to specialist branches of care and expertise, this sector boasts a wide range of well-paying careers. With veterinary nurses and assistants earning over the $70,000 – $90,000 mark, all the way up to veterinarian salaries of over $100,00.

Zoology is also a thriving industry in Australia, with conservation and rehabilitation programmes becoming ever more present and popular, passionate and dedicated zoologists and wildlife specialists are in high demand; this career path can see you earning over $100,000. And lets not forget the brilliant work of zookeepers and biologists, bringing in around and over the $57,000 mark. 

Animal Conservation

With the state of our planet as it currently is, wild animal and habitat conservation is becoming more and more important. With jobs ranging from ecological restoration and wildlife rehabilitation (over $38,000), groundskeepers and rangers (salaries over $58,000 and $75,000), all the way to the highest levels of conservation/land management and geographical information analysts (boasting salaries of over $88,000 – $93,000), there is much joy and financial prospect to be found in a career in animal conservation.

Specialist fields

If branching into a specific specialist field is more your style, then looking into more niche wildlife careers could be just the thing. Climbing high in these careers will make you a unique asset to this business sector, often allowing you to reach higher levels of acclaim, and therefore, increased salary. 

Best paying wildlife jobs infographic

Study a wildlife course with My Learning Online

Marine Studies 

Sharks, dolphins, whales and turtles – you will discover them all here! You will learn all about their environment and how we as human beings can work to conserve and protect our oceans. 

This course is perfect for those wanting to pursue further study, as well as for those looking for entry-level jobs in the industry.

Wildlife Conservation and Management

With the rapid depletion of wildlife habitats, courses such as this are here to keep them thriving. This wonderful course is perfect for beginner learners who have a passion for conservation.

You will learn vital conservation techniques and sustainable wildlife management practises that you can later share with future employers and the wider world.


An excellent introduction to working in zoos, safari parks, aquariums or wildlife sanctuaries, this course teaches basic animal health care, as well as important insights into captive husbandry, enclosure design and maintenance.

Reptile Zoology 

Here in Australia we are very lucky to have a beautiful variety of native reptiles and amphibians, and this course will teach you all about snakes, frogs, crocs and more. You will learn about reptile biology, anatomy, general healthcare and habitats, as well as general zoo keeping, including captive husbandry and safe animal handling/care.

Carnivore Zoology 

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Our Carnivore Zoology course teaches general zoo practice, such as nutrition, safety and processes, later moving onto a specialist study of carnivores.

Certificate in Primate Zoology

Our Primate Zoology Certificate teaches you all about the taxonomy, biology and management of primate animals both in captivity and the wild. Learn all about primates and the exotic environments which they call home, as well as their diets, reproductive systems and common illness.

Certificate in Reptile Conservation 

Designed by industry experts, this course offers vital insights into herpetology, amphibian anatomy and physiology, ecology and environmental needs, captivity legislation, conservation strategies, habitat management and more.

Wildlife Veterinary Assistant 

Wildlife Conservation and Animal Healthcare are the two key skills necessary to work in this exciting industry. This Wildlife Veterinary Assistant course will teach you general animal healthcare, first aid and rehabilitation, as well as wildlife conservation, habitats and management practices. 

Short courses in wildlife infographic

Want to get started?

Wildlife careers and Australia jobs in animal care and preservation are a pillar within the Australian culture. With a huge range of unique and endangered wildlife on your doorstep, there is no shortage of high demand and well-paying wildlife conservation jobs in Australia.

Whether you are starting out or returning to training, an online course is an impressive asset to any resume, showing a commitment to your work as well as an openness and curiosity to keep learning. Not only will you learn new skills, you will also have opportunities to network with like-minded people, opening doors for different job opportunities and business ventures that you perhaps hadn’t been exposed to before.

All our short animal courses follow an entirely online course structure, giving you the flexibility to work your learning around your schedule and lifestyle. This 24/7 access to learning and total flexibility is what sets us apart from other study programs, and is the perfect choice for anyone who perhaps does not have the time or resources to commit to a full time degree course.

We have a friendly team of course consultants on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have, and to help direct you towards the best course for you. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out more about any of the courses which spark your interest, and find the perfect animals Australia job for you.


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