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What is a good job for a creative person?

Are you always daydreaming about the next new thing? Do you love nothing more than flexing your creative muscles? Are you led by your intuition and by exciting concepts? 

But perhaps you are unsure if these talents can be transferred to the world of work. Or that these creative careers in Australia are out of reach or inaccessible to you. 

We are here to say that these particular skills are actually highly sought after in the modern workplace and that there are plenty of roles for creative jobs without degrees. 

In this blog, we’ll be highlighting how you can use your brilliant imagination and powerful original thinking to land one of the creative careers in demand in Australia. Plus, the essential courses that can help you take that all-important first step to land your dream job. 

But to start –

How do you know you are a creative person?

We are all creative in some way. Whether it’s the dishes you whip up in the kitchen, the way you apply your makeup or simply the whacky dreams you have at night! 

However, some people are naturally more driven to be creative than others. And you might want to know if this kind of career would actually suit you.

So let’s look at what is considered a truly creative personality or mindset:

  • Energy – Creative people tend to have a lot of energy, both physically and mentally, when it comes to working on artistic projects or ideas. They could spend hours creating or crafting something without getting side-tracked, bored or fatigued. This may also mean that when resting they tend to think about this project or idea too. They balance a sense of playfulness and dedication well. 
  • Curiosity – They tend to have a curiosity towards the world around them. This may mean they actively seek out and are drawn to new experiences and stories, visiting museums or reading about new places often. 
  • Daydreaming – They can spend hours off in their own head, imagining and fantasising. However, they also have the ability and drive to turn these dreams into reality. This means they have the unique ability to create imaginative solutions to real-world issues.

If you find most of these chime with your sense of self, then a creative career might be an incredibly fulfilling choice for you.

Creative personality traits infographic

What does a career in a creative role look like?

Traditionally, in terms of the business world, there are several roles and careers that are classed as creative by nature. This includes:

  • Architecture
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Designing – products, spaces, landscapes, graphics, fashion etc.
  • Media – film, TV, radio, photography, video games
  • Software design 
  • Publishing
  • Working in museums, galleries and libraries
  • Art – music, performing and visual arts

However, a creative career is any job that uses your sense of imagination or your ability to produce original ideas. So a creative career can be whatever you make it! Whether you use these skills to tackle scientific breakthroughs or produce innovative new solutions. These strengths are highly prized in any workplace. Plus, there are many options for unusual creative jobs and roles that don’t require a degree.

Top creative careers to consider

Here’s a rundown of top creative careers to consider if you want short training or an accessible entry route, as well as to develop in-demand skills. 

1) Makeup artist

National average salary: $40- $50 an hour

Using your creative flair, you could create masterpieces for events like weddings, proms, fashion shows and the entertainment industry. Using the power of social media, you can set up your own thriving beauty business and work at hours that suit you. Every day is different as a makeup artist, meaning you’ll enjoy new experiences, places & faces, connecting with clients on a personal basis. You’ll be putting your artistic eye to use daily and will use your dedication and focus to bring a client’s vision to life.  

While no formal education is required to work as a makeup artist, training in Makeup Artistry is essential to offering a professional service to your clients and increasing your chances of being hired.

2) Landscape designer

National average salary: $82,000 per year

Are you desperate to combine your gardening joy with a creative career? Then look no further than a Landscaping Course.

You’ll put your knowledge and skills to work designing private gardens, public spaces or even green roofs and ‘living’ buildings. You’ll spend your days meeting with clients, preparing artistic plans and choosing your materials, before putting that plan into action with planting and maintaining green spaces. You can even start your own business for flexible hours too.

To become a landscape designer, you’ll need a strong foundation of knowledge in plant science, as well as an understanding of how to prepare plans for your creative vision. Therefore, training is essential to help you hone your offering for clients and stand out from the competition.

3) Wedding planner/event manager

National average salary: $82,000 per year

If you have a flair for pulling off unique social events and putting together creative celebrations for all types of occasions, you could turn your skills into a career with an Event Management & Wedding Planning Course.

You’ll work in new places and inspiring venues often, engaging in client meetings to collect a brief for the big day. You’ll then work on designing the experience for the guests, managing the other creatives around you to create the perfect event. You’ll apply your focus and determination to pull off unforgettable parties and magical wedding days, creating fairy-tale experiences that your clients will remember for years to come. 

As the world begins to bounce back from previous years shutdowns, the demand for events and weddings will begin to boom – so be prepared with the appropriate skills to handle the demand with a professional course.

4) Pet sitter

National Average Salary – $40,000

Do you love turning your artistic hand to animal wellbeing? Then training in Animal Care could be the perfect career choice for you.

Animals require enrichment to live happy, fulfilled lives. This means coming up with original and creative ways to offer them behavioural outlets is the key to creating truly enriched pets. To stand out from the crowd in the daycare and sitting services market means a creative approach could be the golden nugget! Plus you’ll spend all day around delightful furry friends. 

As workers head back to offices, and a record number of adoptions and new pet additions entered homes last year, the demand for sitting services has skyrocketed, due to reach $5.0 billion by 2027! Making pet sitting one of the top creative careers in demand, and meaning your earnings could skyrocket if you run your own unique business in this field.

5) Entrepreneur

National Average Salary: $61,000

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most creative careers you can possibly have. Taking an original idea from concept to thriving business is a challenging but hugely creative process requiring you to use every ounce of your originality and determination. 

You’ll be involved in shaping your idea, pitching it to backers, creating the brand voice and tone as well as the design elements of bringing a business to the world. Plus, you’ll be working with new and exciting people on a daily basis, allowing the idea to come to life. 

To work as an entrepreneur you might be in need of some core fundamental skills that can boost your chances of success. You’ll need to thrive in Professional Communication, to get your ideas seen and heard effectively. Plus, a Project Management & Leadership Course can help you to propel your ideas forward, as well as work with others in a harmonious and productive way. 

We hope you feel inspired by these creative careers available in Australia, with a further understanding of what creative jobs are in demand. 

With each of our training courses, you’ll be given 24/7 access to your curriculum, as well as full tutor support throughout. So you can learn when and where it suits you, and follow a regime that works for your life. Plus with accessible and affordable payment plans, your creative career could be closer than you think!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your options, we’d love to hear from you!

A creative career infographic

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