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The wild and wonderful careers of zoology

Calling you an animal lover is a massive understatement.

You were the kid who knew that an octopus has three hearts… that giant squids have the largest eyes of all living creatures… and polar bears actually have black skin.

You were the kid that absolutely adored everything animal. Who asked for the book of 101 animal facts for Christmas.

So can’t you imagine anything better than working with animals? Discovering what makes a species tick, what shapes their most peculiar and quirky habits, what influences the intricacies of their environment?

… Why some koalas smell of eucalyptus and musk.

… What makes up a typical dingo diet.

… Where platypuses like to hunt… and why the first scientists thought these creatures were actually a hoax.

(Because adorable as they are, platypuses are definitely funky looking fellas aren’t they?)

Maybe you’ve even pictured what it’d be like to be the next Steve Irwin… standing in front of crowds of young and old alike… inspiring and invigorating all kinds of minds with your burning passion and enthusiasm.

Whether they’re exotic or domestic, large or small… the idea of training in the essential skills to treat and care for the critters which need us most, to devote yourself to their care and wellbeing… that’s the dream.

That’s the life goal.

And establishing a career in zoology could be the perfect route to reach that goal.

Whether you’d love to work at a zoo, a safari park, an aquarium or a wildlife sanctuary, by attaining a zoology certificate online you would be entering this wild and wonderful world with an arsenal of critical education already under your belt.

Just think… you could be a zoo assistant, a wildlife reserve ranger, a sanctuary conservationist or a wildlife manager. You could be involved in pest control, captive breeding or cropping. You could even be a veterinary technologist, wildlife biologist, researcher or environmental consultant.

This is not a drill. You could make studying and interacting with animals your full-time position.

It’s incredibly easy to kickstart your journey towards any of these countless careers in zoology too. By completing a short course in Zoology, from the comfort of your own home and at a pace that suits your lifestyle, you could gain a vital head start on securing a position in this industry.

Our online Zoology course has been designed by industry professionals to offer an entry point into zoo keeping and animal healthcare, with comprehensive modules diving into all kinds of specialist topics – covering everything from animal behaviour and enrichment to enclosure design and maintenance.

You’ll likewise gain a thorough technical understanding of subjects such as occupational health and safety from our zoology certificate course, in addition to the practical knowledge of preventative animal health care and rehabilitation care. And that’s just the tip of the lemur tail.

It’s really no surprise that this is considered such an attractive and energetic industry. Yet by completing a zoology certificate, you’ll develop a level of clarity and understanding which many others competing for the same job positions simply won’t have.

In fact, with Australian zoologists earning an average salary of $59,000 and entry-level positions offering a great degree of career progression, you’d be hard pressed to find a more colourful, diverse or exciting field to work in… and that’s not only referring to the animals.

How amazing would it be to work with a team that shares your burning passion for animal welfare. That are equally as eager to dive into a day of hosing down the elephants, feeding a variety of nuts and seeds to the macaws and cleaning up the sleepy red panda enclosure… or to spend a productive day of treating animals, nurturing beloved furry friends back onto their feet, fulfilled by the knowledge that together you had the expertise to keep them happy and healthy.

We reckon Friday happy hours would be pretty fantastic with those kinds of colleagues by your side.

So whether it’s the idea of spending your time out in the Australian sunshine whilst working with animals which appeals the most, or it’s the possibility of digging deep into research to discover cutting edge treatments for complex diseases which lights a fire in your belly, achieving a certificate in Zoology can make this ambition a reality.

Your love for animals doesn’t have to remain a side-passion, edged out by some other unfulfilling career. You don’t have to bank on a subscription to National Geographic to satisfy your exotic wildlife fix. Not when this education and training is at your fingertips.

The opportunities are endless.