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5 Short courses to start your own business in your dream career

Have you always wanted to run your own business? Do you want to start controlling your own time and future prospects? You might think that without a lot of money or heaps of experience, it’s an impossible dream. But that’s not the case! With the right short course, you can easily and quickly begin the steps to running your own business today.

What’s the easiest way to start a business? Answer – learning to provide a service. A service-based business sells your skill, labour or expertise. It takes much less time to set up and run than a conventional product or goods based business, as a service provider you can call the shots on your work life. 

By taking a service-focused short course, you are kick starting the process of building a future asset that you own — your very own business.

We’ve chosen our top short business courses that offer a fast track route towards taking your career into your own hands. These flexible online modules are specifically designed with your entrepreneurial spirit in mind. Focused, functional and with business skills at their core, you’ll be ready to get your dream career off the ground in no time. Let’s dive in!

 1. Nutrition Business

If you have always had a love for healthy eating and living well, then how about sharing that with others? Short courses in nutrition are a fantastic way to turn a passion into a thriving career. 

Our Nutrition Business course has been specifically designed to start a business in nutrition coaching. Teaching the fundamentals of food science, writing meal plans and customising diets for different individuals. Including modules on small business training and marketing for Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be equipped with the skills to really hit the ground running. 

This course is also ideal for those students who are considering completing a University Degree in Nutritional Science. Offering the starting foundation on which to grow and expand your business in the long run, by increasing your knowledge over time.

2. Animal Care

As rates of pet ownership boom, more and more people are looking for someone to care for their furry friends when they can’t. Professional pet caregivers can provide services such as walking, daycare, sitting, boarding or mobile grooming – all of which are in high demand. 

In order to stand out from the crowd, inspire confidence in your clients and provide the best possible service, accreditation from one of our online animal based courses is the best place to start. 

Our certificate in Animal Care is perfect for starting a day-care, walking or boarding business from the comfort of your own home. With further specialised courses in dog grooming, canine training and cat care for future growth and development, elevating your niche expertise to really wow clients.

3. Commercial & Domestic Cleaning

Cleanliness is more important to businesses and homeowners than ever. Having your home cleaned by someone else is fast becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury, for busy professionals. To simply start this business requires some basic cleaning supplies, but to build a regular and loyal clientele you need to provide an impeccable service.

Our Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Course not only covers the fundamental skills of exceptional cleaning, but also provides a strong business component specifically relating to the industry. Meaning you can stay head and shoulders above the competition. 

Whether you are looking to clean other people’s houses or start a commercial cleaning business this course is the first step to success!

4. Photography Business

Have you always had an artistic eye? Want to turn your creativity into your career? Then turn your attention to our Photography Business Course. Providing both the skills and equipment needed to provide a sought after service, it’s a straight pathway to starting your own creative company. 

Specifically designed for over 15 years of development, this course will take you from your beginner shots all the way to a professional photographer. You can learn the fundamentals of lighting, composition and postproduction, whilst understanding the intricacies of the industry areas available to you. Plus, you’ll master social media marketing, the professional portfolio, and perfecting the sales pitch. 

Our payment plans also include a DSLR camera, so you will start your company with the tools you need to succeed. 

5. Wedding Planning & Event Management

Do you always know the best spots in town? Do you love orchestrating celebrations? Then why not put your skills into a service you’ll excel at! Taking a Wedding Planning & Event Management short course can transform you from a social butterfly into a thriving small business. 

As well as the high demand for weddings, festivals and social events after the pandemic, there are many avenues of work to be found in providing event management services.  Corporations, hotels, non-profit organizations, and government organisations all have a need for event planners to put together everything from conferences to away days. 

Our Wedding Planning & Event Management course has been specifically designed from the ground up by industry professionals to help you develop a strong foundation in this exciting sector. Learn the inside knowledge, organisational skills and planning expertise to start a bustling event business from your laptop today!

All of our online courses offer an affordable and flexible learning schedule that fits around your lifestyle. Specifically designed by industry professionals to set you on the right path to career success, these courses are geared towards giving you one of the best jobs in Australia – being your own boss!


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