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Course Overview

Photography is one of those wonderful industries where skill and creativity are held above all else. You do not need a University degree to be a successful Photographer, you need the equipment, the skills and the creative flare to top it off! This course is ideal for those beginner to intermediate Photographers who are looking to take their passion for Photography and either start their own business or get employed as a Professional Photographer. This course will take you through Digital Photography, Post Production and then show you how to use those skills at Events to take the perfect snap! Don’t have a DSLR Camera? No stress! Our payment plans include a DSLR camera when you sign up!


  1. Introduction To Digital Technology
  2. Equipment
  3. Digital Technology
  4. Digital Cameras
  5. Taking Photographs
  6. Scanners
  7. Uploading Images
  8. The Digital Darkroom
  9. Compositing & Imaging
  10. Special Effects
  11. Production & manipulation of images
  12. How and where digital photography can effectively be used.
  13. Learning The Menus
  14. Working with Digital Image Files
  15. Understanding the Tool Palette
  16. Using Layers, Actions and History
  17. Digital Painting, Shapes and Colours
  18. Selecting, Resizing, Transforming and Masking
  19. Adjustments and modifications
  20. Adding Filters and Styles
  21. Preparing Files for Print and Web
  22. Introduction to Wedding and Event Photography
  23. Logistical Planning
  24. Equipment
  25. Style Options
  26. Photographic Composition and Posing
  27. Shooting the Wedding Ceremony
  28. Shooting the Wedding Reception
  29. Post Production
  30. Business & Marketing


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  • Access to a variety of learning formats including ebooks, self assessment tests and assignments
  • Tutoring services to ensure no question you have goes unanswered.
  • A lifetime loyalty discount of 20% off all your tools and products from our industry partner.
  • A certificate of attainment upon completion.
  • Tutor support service available to you by phone and email 6 days a week.

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