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Certificate in Eyebrow, Facial Waxing and Tinting

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Our Facial Waxing and Tinting course covers the full face so you know exactly how to cater to every client possible, including male facial waxing. Learn how to map and structure the perfect brows and mix the perfect blend of tint to enhance your clients’ eyes and brows. There will never be a lack of work when in the hair removal business, everyone wants to get rid of those stubborn hairs. In our course we like to think of the service as a whole. From the moment your client walks through the door to the moment they leave. How do you provide an outstanding service to keep them coming back? We cover all this and more including client consulting and legal issues. Customer service and providing the best service/ Learn all about the hair growth structure and cycle. How to wax eyebrows, lip, chin and sides of face. How to tint the eyelashes and brows, we also demonstrate male facial waxing. Our videos are so in depth that you can see every little detail, so nothing is missed.

Some great job outcomes for facial waxing and tinting are working in a busy beauty salon, pampering those in a day spa, running a successful home business and focusing purely on the face in a brow bar.

Whatever your goal is make sure you don’t miss out on being ahead ofthe game and learning some fantastic facial waxing and tinting skills.

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Course Outline

Module 1 – Face wax and tinting

  • Introduction to waxing & tinting
  • Service overview
  • Preparation & setup
  • Customer service
  • Client consult & legalities
  • Contraindications
  • Hair structure & anatomy
  • Hair growth cycle
  • Face & eyebrow shapes
  • Tinting set up & application
  • Waxing preparation
  • Lip wax application
  • Eyebrow wax application
  • Sides of face & chin wax application
  • Male face waxing
  • Aftercare & finishing the service

Kit Inclusions

  • Baby pro lycon heater
  • 110ml b sanitiser
  • Le marque hot wax
  • Livingstone kidney dish
  • Crown mascara wands
  • Tweezer flip case
  • Le marquee black tint
  • Le marquee very brown tint
  • Le marquee oxidant
  • Pre wax sanitiser
  • 100ml after wax oil
  • 750ml citrus solvent
  • Elleebana scissors
  • Small tint bowl
  • Elleebana angle eye brush 100pk brow beater spatulas
  • Slant tweezer
  • Blue black tint
  • Light brown tint
  • Tongue depressor
  • Tint eyepads
  • Barrier cream (vaseline)
  • Cotton rounds
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