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How to make a living pampering pooches?

Are you currently unsatisfied with your job? Have you considered switching it up, and pursuing a career that makes you feel happier and more fulfilled? For the animal lovers amongst us, building a career working with dogs may be the absolute dream. Yet your practical side may first and foremost be wondering how to make a living in animal care or questioning how long it takes to become a dog groomer.

If you can relate, then you’re in the right place. Because in this blog we’re going to share exactly how you can make a living pampering pooches and, most importantly, how long it will take to become a qualified dog groomer. 

We know that time is precious. But here at My Learning Online we also believe we should be able to spend it pursuing our passions – especially when our passions are of the pup variety! So, if you’re serious about making dog grooming your new job, we have some incredible info lined up for you…

Dog grooming courses

Before you dive into this canine-crazy career, you’ll first want to get to grips with the basics of dog grooming. This is where an introductory dog grooming course can be the first step to making a living in this industry. 

Here, you’ll discover the very foundations of this role, whilst also ensuring it’s the career for you.

Our professional online dog grooming course is created in partnership with igroomHub. It is the only online dog grooming course in Australia and comes with a state of the art kit containing everything you need, both to complete your studies and to thrive in the profession. 

A mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, this course explores bathing, trimming, clipping, and styling – as well as specialty coat types. You’ll learn about styling a multitude of dog breeds, and will discover the skills to make them all look spectacular through video tutorials, written materials, and close tutor support.

The best news is that this online dog grooming course can be paid off through an interest-free payment plan. This means that you can access this essential dog grooming training and take your first steps into this exciting career, without being concerned about an unrealistic up-front financial commitment. 

And did we mention just how lucrative this career can be for you? Well, we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves.

In 2019, Australians spent $600 million on dog grooming. Plus, since the pandemic hit more people than ever have been extending their pet families. In other words, you’ll have no shortage of customers and plenty of opportunities to grow a successful career in this industry.

How long will it take?

How long it actually takes to become a fully-fledged dog groomer is completely dependent on every individual. 

Completing all the training, as well as gaining practical experience, can take as long as a year, depending on how quickly you learn and how many certifications you would like to achieve.

Next, you will have the choice of setting up your own salon/business or applying for a role with an existing dog groomer. This part of the process can take a short amount of time or it can take a series of months, depending on the opportunities available to you. But if you know that this is your doggy dream, then it will all be well worth it.

Top tip: whether you choose to apply for an existing role or set up your own business, it can help to secure additional qualifications in related areas of your trade. For example, you may also want to supplement any dog grooming training you complete with other relevant animal care courses or short business courses.

As with the majority of our short business courses, the Certificate in Dog Grooming has an approximate completion time of 200 hours, which is staggered over a series of weeks. But you are free to study at your own pace – with 24/7 access to the course materials. You will also have tutor support to help you whenever you get stuck.

If you’re ready for a pawsome journey into your dog grooming career, check out our online dog grooming course and download the brochure for more details. 

Our other animal care courses include a Beginner’s Dog Grooming Certificate, Professional Dog Grooming, Training and Obedience and an Advanced Dog Grooming Certificate.

The beginner’s course is ideal for those who want to start from scratch and learn the basics. Whereas the advanced course naturally delves into the more advanced grooming techniques and practises, including developing business and marketing plans.

The Professional Dog Grooming Training and Obedience course, meanwhile, teaches you to master superior grooming skills, whilst also receiving practical training on how to shape positive behaviours in dogs. 

It likewise covers how to help manage stress in dogs, whilst teaching you how to tackle the naughtier behaviour in puppies. This is the perfect short course online for those who’d like to learn or sharpen skills in both grooming and dog training, as it will allow you to expand on your services in the dog world and spend even more time with your pooch pals.

Will I need anything else?

Again, this is up to each individual pup pamperer and how they work/the skills and experiences they already have.

To run your business efficiently, you’ll need accounting and administrative skills – or to work with someone who does. And, in an ideal world, you or a co-worker will have some legal knowledge too.

My Learning Online offers a plethora of different short courses online in Small Business, Admin and Reception including Small trade Administration & Bookkeeping, Legal Administration and Professional Communication. 

These can help you in your journey to become a full-time dog’s best friend, with all the qualifications, experience and knowledge to make your business a success.

And if you already possess these skills and qualifications, then what’s stopping you? Leap like Lassie and grab hold of your dream career. There’s no better time than now.

Your happiness, your choice

Your happiness and what career you choose to create for yourself is, of course, something only you can take control of. But we hope this blog has demonstrated just how easy it can be to pursue a career in dog grooming. 

(And what could be a dreamier career than working with dogs, each and every day?)

If you’re still undecided and would like more information about any of our animal care courses or short business courses, you can request a brochure for any of our certifications online. Or contact us and we will be in touch with the information you require.

Just know that making a living pampering pooches is possible and you could have your certificate in just a few months. Take the first steps today and get your tail wagging!


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