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4 ways a non-accredited course can help you get a job

Non-accredited courses are rapidly rising in popularity, and it’s no wonder why. With the recent shift to more people working from home with flexible schedules, this has meant that the opportunity for us to learn a new skill, pursue a hobby or even consider exploring different career sectors has likewise become much more possible.

Often with formal, accredited courses, the financial commitment is considerable and the expectation to study full-time is unrealistic or incompatible with financial or family care commitments. This is where non-accredited courses really shine – they allow us to pursue areas of study we’re interested in, but wouldn’t be able to pursue otherwise. 

The flexibility offered by non-accredited courses, both in terms of payment plans and online learning options, is hard to beat. Not to mention how many non-accredited courses teach practical skills or provide a level of specialist knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere. 

A non-accredited course can help you in your current or future career, or likewise, transform your abilities from hobby to professional standards.

But first, to answer the question…

Are non-accredited courses worth it?

You may choose to continue your education for both professional and personal reasons, and the great news is that non-accredited courses offer an accessible way to explore both. 

Nevertheless, some may hold the perception that non-accredited courses have less value – this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, the specialisation provided by such courses is the reason why employers value them so much. 

Where very specific, specialist knowledge is required, non-accredited courses tend to be narrow in their focus and prepare students to work almost immediately. Even if you’re looking at a non-accredited course as a way to pursue a hobby in your free time, it’s still great to list on your CV to show a potential or current employer that you’re constantly working on your personal development, and investing in other areas of interest that can help you in your day-to-day job. 

So yes – non-accredited courses are definitely worth it!

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Secure a job – 4 ways non-accredited training will help

  1. You receive training and skills with a non-accredited course that best match employers’ needs. Employers recognise these skills and value them immensely.
  2. The relevance of training needs and the flexibility of delivery are important considerations. If/when your employer has a skills gap, there are opportunities to move into a new role with better pay. Doing a non-accredited course without disrupting your current role, while growing the skills needed within the business, makes these courses the best option.
  3. Smaller and medium enterprises value non-accredited training as the VET (vocational education and training) system can be complex and difficult to navigate. These enterprises may not have the resources internally to focus on navigating this system, opting for non-accredited training as a simpler, more straightforward solution.
  4. Many employers value the skills and expertise provided by non-accredited courses as an essential foundation that can be built upon by work experience. Taking these courses demonstrates to a potential employer that you’re serious, interested in and dedicated to your chosen field. They’re a lot more likely to respond positively to someone who’s taken the time and made the effort to gain extra knowledge and establish a deeper understanding of their sector.

Non-accredited certification – benefits

We’ve established that employers are fans of non-accredited courses and they can improve your job prospects – but what other benefits can studying a non-accredited course have for you?

  • The study material is straightforward and tailored to a specific area of focus.
  • They build on any prior knowledge and skills you already have.
  • They help you to attain short term goals and refine your skillset.
  • These courses are cost-effective.
  • They can be more practical than accredited courses and focus on the application of the skills you need to use.
  • They provide unique offerings you may not have the option to study elsewhere.
  • They increase your motivation and interest in the subject matter, helping you to become an expert.
  • They increase promotion or employment prospects.
  • They help you adapt to the needs of the market.
  • They usually take a much shorter time to be completed than accredited courses.
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Skills taught by non-accredited courses

The key reason people choose non-accredited training is cost-effectiveness. Let’s face it – we all have a lot of financial commitments, and accredited training is not always an option depending on our life circumstances. 

But that doesn’t have to stop you from being able to study. The range of valuable skills taught by non-accredited courses includes:

  • Occupation-specific (for example, on-the-job operator training)
  • Organisation-specific (for example, product or service-specific courses)
  • Site induction and safety
  • Management, project management and supervisory skills
  • Personal development (such as health, diet, life skills)
  • General computing skills
  • Time and organisational skills
  • Self-discipline and resourcefulness
  • Adaptive and agile thinking

Non-accredited courses Australia

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