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Why is online learning becoming more popular?

Online learning is becoming ever more popular, which you might think is due to the effects of the last few years restrictions. However that’s not the only reason, and in fact, it’s just one of the ways in which online learning is appealing to those keen to develop their skills. With attendance rates rising every year – learning from home is becoming the norm. 

In fact, a huge 42% of students report they prefer this way of learning to traditional face to face classes, with an impressive retention rate of up to 60% for online classes. So what is it about online learning that gives students this sense of purpose, drive and achievement?

We’ll be looking at 5 reasons for the increased popularity of online learning today, breaking down how online short courses could benefit your life and work. Starting with…

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Time is our most precious resource. We hate wasting it, we like gaining it and once it’s gone we can’t get it back! Travelling to and from institutions, commuting across cities & sitting in traffic has to be up there with one of our least favourite activities right?

Learning online means this commute is cancelled out – releasing an hour, maybe more from your day to use as you please. Whether that means you can squeeze in a workout, spend quality time with your loved ones or even use that time to further your education – it’s time you’ll be reclaiming as your own. 

Plus, these benefits extend beyond just the commute. E-learning itself requires 40-60% less time to learn than traditional classroom material. Why? Because the pace is set by you – no one else. There’s no going back and re-reading unless you feel the need to do so. You are also less likely to be skipping through, or accelerating past concepts, as your attention is solely focused on the material at hand, not on what’s happening in the room around you.


Trying to do it all is hard. Whether you are juggling childcare, financial limitations or both – the concept of taking on a course as well can feel like climbing a sheer cliff face. For the majority of workers, families and students, taking on a traditional course to further their skills or reach their dream career just isn’t possible around paying the bills and caring for young ones. 

Online learning offers a path through this. Allowing both the possibility of self-paced study and accessible pricing. Here at My Learning Online, we believe education should be available to all, no matter where they come from or what they earn. So we created payment plans that start from $25 a week, with materials, kits & resources included in that price. Meaning that our students can start their dreams today, not put them off until tomorrow.

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E-learning is showing amazing results with students, helping those with shorter attention spans stay focused and increasing the likelihood of important information sticking. In fact, E-learning helps students retain five times more knowledge for every hour of learning. Which is incredible to know when considering your investment in your future. Every hour of online learning is making use of that investment effectively. It’s no wonder that 81% of students say online learning has helped them improve their grades.

Even beyond the course itself, companies are seeing the benefits and effectiveness of online learning. 72% of organisations claimed that E-learning gave them a competitive advantage, 40% of Fortune 500 companies use E-learning, with employers seeing a 24% improvement in profit margins after application. So familiarity with the way E-learning works is something that will pay off into the future too, wherever you take your new skillset.


Studying online teaches you vital time management skills. With no timetable, no teacher standing in front of you and no one waiting for you to arrive – it’s up to you to show up and finish your course. This is a powerful lesson in determination, commitment and scheduling that offers a host of benefits for both your future career and your everyday life. Employers will appreciate the effort and initiative shown by your certificate, and this sense of discipline will only benefit your overall wellbeing too. Perhaps it is this combination of factors that explains such high retention rates on online courses.

On another level, e-learning helps to combat climate change too. By choosing to study online, you’ll be using around 90% less energy and emitting 85% less CO2 emissions. Now that’s an achievement!

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More than ever, we are understanding just how our differences as human beings make us special and unique. Far from holding us back, understanding our quirks and preferences is a huge benefit. Playing to our strengths and accepting what helps us thrive is a powerful experience. Whether that’s writing notes, absorbing video content, practising with your kit or speaking with tutors – we have E-learning styles to suit every kind of student. 

Beyond that, our environment is so important to our sense of ease, wellbeing and productivity. Whether you need noise-cancelling headphones, a busy cafe or your pets curled up on your lap – however, you learn works for us. We’ll be ready when you are to sign it and get learning. 

A customized learning experience is bound to produce better results, improve your retention and boost your skills. It’s a dynamic and exciting way to learn.

Is online learning something you feel could benefit your life? Then check out our range of amazing short courses. Making the most of these 5 fantastic benefits, Learning Online offers you the perfect way to progress in your chosen field in a way that works for you. Our online courses are built by experts for students of all kinds, ready to work around your life and budget – so nothing is holding you back. Are you ready? Then talk to our friendly team who can help you find the perfect course for you.

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