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What are the best self-employment careers?

Do you dream of becoming your own boss? Would you love to set your own work routine and free up your time to use as you wish? Then perhaps you’ve wondered what self-employment opportunities there are out there. 

Self-employment is a fantastic way to find work that suits your schedule, needs and personal commitments. Whether that’s caring for your little ones, pursuing travel or creativity or simply wanting to be your own boss. 

So we’ll be looking at some of the key benefits of being a sole trader or small business owner, as well as the best self-employed jobs in Australia. Highlighting the best trades for self-employment to suit your skillset and lifestyle – and the best short courses to help you get there fast!

Which one will you pick?

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Wedding Planner & Event Manager

Average Salary – $50,000 – $80,000

If you have an extroverted personality and love organizing parties and events – why not turn your skills into a lucrative and flexible career? As restrictions ease, the demand for celebrations is set to soar, and event managers will be busier than ever. From corporate events, holidays, graduations and birthdays, to weddings & vow renewals – you could find a niche that works for you and your schedule. You’ll be an organized, efficient and proactive presence – allowing your clients to enjoy a magical and unforgettable day. 

While working in certain sectors, such as weddings, might have naturally busier periods, as a freelance organizer you can block out time in your calendar should you wish, only taking on clients when you want to work. This flexibility, along with a fantastic salary once experienced, is what often draws the organised planners to use their skills in this rewarding field. 

With the right skills, your clients will trust and rebook you time and again, so it’s worth investing in a short course in Wedding Planning & Event Management – to make sure you make the best possible first impression and understand the market fully.

Farmer & Rancher

Average Salary – $50,000 – $90,000

Over 54% of Agriculture workers in Australia are self-employed, and joining them could be both a rewarding and lucrative career choice. Running your own sheep, cattle or crop farm means spending your time in the great outdoors, rather than cooped up in an office too!

While your work will follow seasonal patterns, with naturally busier periods such as lambing or harvest, there will be periods of lower activity too, where you can recover, rest and reap the rewards of your active outdoor lifestyle. You could choose to set up your own ranch or smallholding, or freelance for established farms – offering you a flexible lifestyle too, one well suited to either family life or that of a travelling nomad!

To work in this field requires exceptional knowledge and skill, hence the high pay bracket. So to join this sector, you’ll need to invest in training. But training doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or inefficient, instead choose from one of our Online Courses in Agriculture to get on the right track.


Average Salary – $50,000 – $90,000

One of the most popular self-employed jobs with no qualifications needed, life as a photographer can be fast-paced, exciting and flexible too. Working in a chosen niche such as fashion, food, wildlife, weddings or journalism – you could carve out a career in areas that interest you most. 

Plus, you’ll have the ability to plan your diary in a way that works for you, choosing projects that align with your goals and responsibilities, so you can work the hours that suit you best. This may mean choosing a sector that supports this, such as corporate photography, or indulging your wanderlust by working for travel companies! 

Either way, while no qualifications are needed, technical and creative expertise is essential to this field – as is having equipment! That’s why we offer comprehensive, expert-led Photography Courses Online, built to take you from beginner to consummate professional. Plus, we include a DSLR camera in the course price, so nothing is holding you back from your freelance photography career.

Pet Service Provider

Average Salary – $40,000 +

The Australian pet care industry is booming. Valued at almost $6 billion and rising, Australians own almost five million dogs, with many owners spending more than ever on their furry family members. With a rise in ownership rates over the pandemic, many owners are now heading back to offices – needing an extra pair of hands with their new additions. Especially for those in bustling cities, the self-employment opportunities in areas like Brisbane and Sydney mean you could charge higher prices and find more clients easily. 

Working with animals all day is not only rewarding but running your own business in this sector offers a lucrative and flexible lifestyle. Plus, there’s a multitude of options for entry or expansion of your existing business, with grooming, walking, day-care, training and supplies all in high demand. If you want, you combine all of these into a serious business venture and start earning into the 6 figure bracket. 

The key to success in the pet care sector is client reviews, trust and appropriate skills. After all, word of mouth and social media referrals are your biggest asset as a services-based business. So you’ll need to ensure you have excellent qualifications and 5-star service for your furry clients and their owners. So investing in a tailored and expert-led course is the way to go. Browse our range of Animal Courses Online to discover your next venture!

Project Manager

Average Salary – $70,000 – $150,000

One of the easiest ways to work remotely, freelance or part-time, project management is in high demand – meaning salaries are high too. Working in this field is a fantastic way to add flexibility and freedom to your life, without sacrificing your pay packet. Working for a variety of clients, you can pick and choose the hours you work, whilst ensuring deadlines are met and budgets are not exceeded. A key part of many businesses, your work will be fundamental and appreciated in any team project. 

To work in project management requires a mix of unique and highly specialized skills, which are required to gain entry-level employment. Our short course In Leadership & Project Management will cover all of the fundamental skills, and help you find that first role to set your dream career in motion.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll have the ability to set your life up for success. Whether that’s more time with loved ones, variety in your workday or simply following your passions. Our flexible short courses are specifically designed by experts to offer you the ultimate learning experience. We’ll get you to your next steps the right way, with flexible and accessible courses to suit any interest. Speak to our friendly team to find the perfect next step towards your freelance career!

Best options for self employment infographic

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