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Top skills to become a gardener

Spending time amongst nature is endlessly beneficial. From the fresh air and the peace and quiet to the beautiful plant life, being outside can be extremely restorative – both mentally and physically.

So what if we were to tell you that there’s a career where you can be outside for most of the day, soaking up the beauty of nature and tending to the care and maintenance of flora?

A gardener does just that! And with the proper training and guidance, you too can make a thriving career out of your love of the outdoors. Garden courses are an excellent way to equip yourself with all the necessary tools and landscaping knowledge to create beautifully tranquil outdoor spaces, as well as help to care for a delicate natural ecosystem.

In this blog, we will take you through some of the top skills to become a gardener, as well as how to go about following your dream career in gardening.

What do gardeners do?

Gardeners and landscapers are concerned with the health, maintenance and aesthetic beauty of natural spaces. 

Professionals in this industry are extremely knowledgeable about all types of plant life, how to maintain and sustain them through the seasons, plant shaping, growing and structuring, threats to said plantlife such as weeds, pests and other animals, as well as knowing how to make the most out of any size natural space.

Gardeners will also work with a wide array of tools and natural materials to make the most out of green space. Each part of the garden acts as part of an orchestra, with certain plants blooming at different times and handmade structures offering balance and dynamics to the space.

One of the most important traits of a good gardener is artistic vision. They appreciate and recognise the beauty of nature and work with it rather than against it to create an oasis right in your own backyard.

Top skills to become a gardener

While many of us may claim to have green fingers, it takes considerable knowledge and skill to become a professional gardener.

Here are some of the tops skills you will need to become a professional-level gardener:

  • Plant knowledge – Professional gardeners must have excellent knowledge about plants, the different species and their needs, what could hinder or affect their growth, what they need in order to thrive, as well as which plants come to fruition depending on the changing seasons. This knowledge is imperative for industry professionals to ensure a healthy garden ecosystem.
  • Plant growing, shaping and structuring – Gardeners must not only know all about plants, but they must also know how to nurture them into bloom. They must know how to feed and water them correctly, how to trim and prune them, as well as whether certain plants require structures or supports in order to grow properly.
  • Correct tool and garden product usage – Professional-level gardening requires the use of a large range of tools, and it is the responsibility of a gardener to know how to use these safely and correctly, as well as which tools will get the best results. Certain products are often used in the growing process, with everything from plant food to pest control substances, and must be used appropriately and to the correct measurements for optimum plant health.

Jobs in gardening: which one will you choose?

  • Gardener – Many of us love getting out into the garden, tending to our beloved flowers, and perhaps even nurturing a little vegetable patch. And what if you could do this as a full-time gig? Gardeners are often in high demand, with many being unable to keep up with regular garden maintenance in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and so efficient and talented gardeners will always be wanted.
  • Horticulturist – Becoming a horticulturist is the perfect job for someone with green fingers! Avid gardeners and planet lovers will take to this career like a duck to water and will introduce you to topics such as soil types, plant science, plant identification, as well as the management of weeds, pests and diseases that may threaten your garden.
  • Landscaper – A job perfect for a budding artist with big vision. Landscaping involves the aesthetic maintenance of gardens and natural spaces, keeping things neat and blooming brightly. If you have a wild imagination, this could just be the job for you – a career that allows you to innovate and push the boundaries of natural beauty. This job requires a high level of skill and technique, so you’re best getting started!
  • Nature Park Manager – Where preservation reigns supreme. Nature parks strive to preserve nature in its purest form, keeping it safe from outside influence and retaining it as the wild oasis that it should be. Whilst training as a nature park manager, you will learn how to maintain and preserve natural spaces such as national parks, reserves and zoos, equipping you with the skills and ability to work alongside nature, building paths and rockeries, pools, nature trails and maintaining an overall balanced ecosystem.

How do I become a gardener?

Gardener courses are an excellent way to ensure that you are professionally trained in all aspects of land care and maintenance. 

Courses on gardening will equip you with all the necessary and vital tools you will need to create beautiful outdoor spaces for your clients. Whether you already have some previous experience working with land and plants or you are looking for a gardening course for beginners, investing your time in courses in gardening or landscaping will give you the best start in your career.

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