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Top animal courses to study online

Animal-based careers can be a hoot and a half. Whether they have fur, fins or scales, animals are vital to our planet’s ecosystem, and making sure they are properly cared for should be a top priority.

With so many avenues to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one, but My Learning Online is here to lend a hand. Consider this blog the ultimate guide to some of the most flexible and comprehensive animal courses on the market. We will take you through our eclectic ray of Wildlife and Animal courses, what you can expect from each one, as well as how to begin the application process.

We are dedicated to education and are here to help you find the perfect course to get you started on your career path.

Our animal courses online

It’s raining cats and dogs

  • Professional Dog Grooming, Training and Obedience – This course begins with key technical knowledge and skills to help you master superior grooming. Get ready for lessons in canine classification, canine psychology and behaviours treating different coat types, clipping equipment and techniques, safety and first aid procedures, plus marketing your grooming services using social media. 
  • Canine Care and Training – Working with dogs requires a thorough understanding of their needs and natural behaviour. This course will equip you to care for and communicate with dogs effectively, gaining insight into how to bring out the best in any pup that crosses your path.
    This course provides a background in canine psychology and anatomy to help elevate your understanding of natural behaviours, as well as care essentials like feeding, grooming, bathing, parasites & dog first aid.
  • Beginners Dog Grooming Certificate – The perfect choice for anyone looking to start their education in dog grooming, you will learn all the dog grooming basics, including bathing, brushing and clipping for a number of different breeds through high-quality video instruction.
  • Advanced Dog Grooming Certificate – No previous experience is required for this course, as we take you through the basics all the way up to advanced grooming techniques and practices. From there, you will delve into the business of grooming, such as business plan development and marketing.
  • Dog Grooming – This course equips you with all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to bathe, trim, clip & style the coats of all dogs, including specialty coat types and many different dog breeds.
  • Cat Care and Training –  We cover all the need-to-knows about cats, including breeding, health, nutrition, feline biology, behavioural problems and more.

We’re not horsing around

  • Equine Studies – Our comprehensive course teaches everything from general care and grooming, the importance of environment and stable maintenance to breeding, to managing horse events and understanding horse behaviour. 
  • Equine Business – The Equine Business Course is specifically designed for those students who already have a strong background in Horse Care and are now looking to start a business in the industry.
    Offering 2 core modules in horse care and horse breeding, you will learn everything about how to care for a horse, as well as mare and stallion anatomy, the birthing process and more.
  • Horse Breeding – Even experienced breeders should be constantly updating their skill set through different resources. This course offers base knowledge in horse care and units on birthing. You will be learning such things, including pre-meditated considerations for why you are breeding the horses.
  • Equine Care – This well-rounded certificate teaches everything from general care, horse grooming and environment and stable maintenance to horse psychology and handling and conformation.
    Equine Care in Australia is a huge industry with plenty of opportunities, and being able to back up your passion with a training certificate will be impressive to future employers – or even just a boost of self-confidence! 

Let’s go wild

  • Bird Care – This in-depth but beginner-level course will start with the care of domesticated birds. Including breeds, feed, nutrition, common illnesses and much more. From there, the course takes you through a detailed study of different birds, from small native and exotic species all the way up to large flightless birds.
  • Marine Studies – Sharks, dolphins, whales and turtles – you will learn about them all here! You will discover the core information about their environment and how we, as human beings, can work to conserve and protect our oceans.
    This course is perfect for those wanting to pursue further study, as well as for those looking for entry-level jobs in the industry.
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management – With the rapid depletion of wildlife habitats, courses such as this are here to keep them thriving. This wonderful course is perfect for beginner learners who have a passion for conservation.
    You will learn vital conservation techniques and sustainable wildlife management practices that you can later share with future employers and the wider world.
  • Zoology – An excellent introduction to working in zoos, safari parks, aquariums or wildlife sanctuaries, this course teaches basic animal health care, as well as important insights into captive husbandry, enclosure design and maintenance.
  • Reptile Zoology – Here in Australia, we are very lucky to have a beautiful variety of native reptiles and amphibians, and this course will teach you all about snakes, frogs, crocs and more. You will learn about reptile biology, anatomy, general healthcare and habitats, as well as general zoo keeping, including captive husbandry and safe animal handling/care.
  • Carnivore Zoology – Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Our Carnivore Zoology course teaches general zoo practice, such as nutrition, safety and processes, later moving onto a specialist study of carnivores.
  • Certificate in Primate Zoology – Our Primate Zoology Certificate teaches you all about the taxonomy, biology and management of primate animals both in captivity and the wild. Learn about primates and the exotic environments which they call home, as well as their diets, reproductive systems and common illness.
  • Certificate in Reptile Conservation – Designed by industry experts, this course offers vital insights into herpetology, amphibian anatomy and physiology, ecology and environmental needs, captivity legislation, conservation strategies, habitat management and more.

Quick, fetch the vet!

  • Wildlife Veterinary Assistant – Wildlife Conservation and Animal Healthcare are the two key skills necessary to work in this exciting industry. This Wildlife Veterinary Assistant course teaches you general animal healthcare, first aid and rehabilitation, as well as wildlife conservation, habitats and management practices. 
  • Vet Assistant – This Vet Assistant course is the ideal starting point for anyone who is looking to work with animals on a professional level. With no previous training required, this course starts with the fundamentals of working in a veterinary clinic, including veterinary processes, procedures and veterinary administration.

The 101 of general animal care

  • Animal Care – Australia’s animal industry is gigantic, making this course ideal for those looking to start work in businesses such as animal daycare, animal grooming and dog walking.
    Our intention is that this course will give you the confidence and expertise to offer top-quality care and services for animals and pet parents alike. 
  • Certificate in Animal Studies – Our animal studies course teaches the essentials of animal healthcare, such as signs of poor health, animal behaviour and rehabilitation; wildlife sustainability and conservation, including habitat management and marine conservation; common diseases in animals and their indicators. Plus, animal wellbeing, which covers topics of sentience, captivity issues and prevention measures.
  • Animal Welfare – This course prioritises supporting an animal’s well-being and assessing its environmental conditions, in addition to dealing with managing animal behaviour and rehabilitation. It covers everything from potential problems around disease prevention, appropriate shelter, nutrition and humane handling.

    An excellent choice for anyone who is passionate about animal rights. 

Phew! We know that may be a lot to take in – take all the time you need to go back and look over any courses in particular that sparked your interest.

Are you ready to take your passion for animal care to the next level?

Whether you are starting out or returning to training, online animal courses with certificates in Australia are an impressive asset to any resume, showing a commitment to your work as well as an openness and curiosity to keep learning.

You’ll not only learn new skills with one of our animal courses online in Australia, you will also have opportunities to network with like-minded people, opening doors for a heap of different job opportunities and career pathways that may not otherwise be available to you.

All our short animal courses follow an entirely online course structure, giving you the flexibility to work your learning around your current schedule and general life responsibilities. This 24/7 access to learning and total flexibility is what sets us apart from other study programs, and is the perfect choice for anyone who may not have the time, resources or capability to commit to a full time degree course.

Not sure what to do next? No worries! Our super friendly team of course consultants are always here to answer your questions and to suggest what course is the best for you. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out more and they’ll help you get set up with everything.

So let’s not keep our furry friends waiting, get your career started today with one of our online animal courses.


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