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Course Overview

nature park can be any area that aims to preserve a natural environment or natural plant and animal life. Take a step toward a career working in the management of Parks, Reserves, Zoos, National Parks, Wilderness areas and the like.

This course enables you to Learn about and gain employment in natural environments designed to help you develop an understanding of basic ecological principles, nature park design, soil management, plant maintenance and land rehabilitation.

You will also gain invaluable insights about plants and how to use them to create natural, balanced ecosystems, creating nature trails, building rockeries and pathways, construct ponds and watercourses.


1. Introduction to Nature Parks
2. Basic Ecology
3. Soil Management in Nature Parks
4. Plant Maintenance
5. Design of Nature Parks I
6. Design of Nature Parks II
7. Weed Management in Nature Parks
8. Pest and Disease Management
9. Culture of Indigenous Plants
10. Tree Management in Nature Parks
11. Turf Care in Nature Parks
12. Rehabilitation Problems and Solutions
13. Natural Environments
14. Recreation and the Environment
15. Wildlife Management in Nature Parks
16. Visitor Amenities in Nature Parks
17. Park Interpretation
18. Trail Design and Construction
19. Water Areas
20. Marketing Nature Parks
21. Risk Management I
22. Risk Management II


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