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Course Overview

If you feel you have some life experiences worth sharing and you could be an inspiration to others, then life coaching may be just what you have been looking for. In this field, enthusiasm and a desire to genuinely see people thrive are important qualities but you also need to gain some insight into how to refine your skills to offer the best service you can to your clients.

Further learn about health and wellbeing so you can improve your life and, additionally help others. Explore fitness, nutrition, stress management, preventative health and First Aid with one-on-one guidance from your tutor. 

Life coaching not only involves planning and engaging in processes to bring about change, it also involves motivating the client to accept the need for inner change in order to bring about outer change. In the end, the processes of recognising a need for change and for managing change may be even more valuable and contribute more to the personal growth of the client than the outcomes.


1. Introduction
2. Individual perception
3. A well balanced life
4. Coaching processes
5. Coaching skills
6. Coaching and physical well-being
7. Coaching and psychological well-being
8. Coaching success
9. Goal setting
10. Review and adjustment
11. Industry Overview
12. Modern Lifestyle Problems
13. Human Nutrition
14. Healthy Eating
15. Stress Management
16. Preventative Health
17. Alternative Medicine
!8. Basic First Aid


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