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Course Overview

Do you have a desire to make a difference while travelling and helping others experience some of the worlds most pristine and and and well conserved parts?

Ecotourism is an industry that has developed hugely in recent years. It reflects both of the aims of modern conservation: management of resources and protection of the environment.

Modern ecotourism strives to be sustainable, so that the activities that are taking place can continue to do so. This course will introduce you to aspects of ecotourism such as guiding environmental awareness, planning tours, displays and interpretive aids, plant and animal interpretation as well as preparing you to establish and operate an ecotourism enterprise. 

Australia’s tourism industry employed 924 600 people directly and indirectly in 2016-17. This accounts for 8 per cent of Australia’s total employment at that time.

However, tourism businesses are facing substantial recruitment and retention difficulties and skills deficiencies. In 2015, Deloitte Access Economics estimated 38,000 unfilled vacancies at that time, representing a vacancy rate of 7 per cent which is great for people looking to enter the industry.


1. Nature and Scope of Ecotourism
2. Management Issues
3. Industry Destinations
4. The Tour Desk/Office
5. Accommodation Facilities
6. Catering Facilities
7. Legal Considerations
9. Planning an Ecotourism Activity
10. Ecotourism Basics
11. Interpretive Services in Ecotourism
12. Ecology and Conservation
13. Plant and Animal Classification and Identification
14. Geology/Geomorphology
15. Interpreting Aquatic Environments
16. Interpreting Land Environments
17. Planning an Ecotour
18. Ecotour Displays
19. Leading an Ecotour


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