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Course Overview

Landscaping is much more than grabbing a spade and getting stuck into it. It requires a knowledge of how to pre-plan your design, an understanding of the important landscaping elements, the types of materials that are needed to create the perfect garden and how to bring it all together to develop the perfect space.

This course is designed for people looking to either work within the landscaping industry or to start their own landscaping business. If you’re looking to secure a job in the industry, having knowledge about the technical skills of landscaping will help you get over the line and secure a highly coveted jobs and if you’re looking to start a business after having worked in the industry for some time, knowledge of the technical details is a must!

In this course, you will be walked through everything you need to achieve your landscaping goals.


Basic Design Procedure A

Collecting pre-planning information, landscape elements and principles.

History of Gardening

Garden styles and themes, famous designers and garden influences.

Drafting & Contracting

Drawing techniques, specifications and details.

Basic Landscape Construction

Timber, steps, retainer walls, pathways and playstructures.


Concrete, asphalt, gravels, mulches, grasses and gradients.

Furnishings & Features

Chairs, statues, figurines, birdbaths, skateboards and safety.

Park Design A

Good/bad park design characteristics and recreational landscaping.

Home Garden design

Good/bad garden design characteristics.

Design Procedure B

Development of concept plans and detailed planting plans.

Park Design B

Development of park design, fun & fitness trails.

The Garden Environment

  • The ecosystem
  • Microclimates
  • What do you want in a garden
  • Components of a garden
  • Landscaping with water
  • Choosing a construction method for a water garden
  • Making a pool with a liner
  • Other types of water gardens
  • Water garden effects
  • Creating a waterfall
  • Cascades
  • Fencing and safety
  • Plants for water gardens

Landscape Materials

  • Tools
  • Tool maintenance
  • Garden clothes
  • Construction materials
  • Concrete and cement
  • How to mix concrete and mortar
  • Reinforcing, rodding, expansion joints
  • Gravel and mulched paths
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Timber: types, stains, paints, preservatives
  • Plastics, Metal, Ulpholstery
  • Furniture design

Using Bulbs, Annuals and other Low Growing Plants

  • Annuals
  • Scented annuals
  • Coloured foliage
  • Flower bed layout
  • Bedding schemes
  • Selecting annuals according to height
  • Annuals in containers
  • Bulbs
  • Scented bulbs
  • Amaryllis
  • Gladioli
  • Narcissus
  • Dahlia
  • Hyacinth
  • Iris
  • Ranunculus
  • Using Herbs
  • Types of herb gardens

Landscaping with Trees

  • Introduction
  • Successions
  • Fast growing trees
  • Choosing plants
  • Trees in the landscape
  • Problems with trees
  • Plant applications for trees, shrubs, ground covers
  • Trees with damaging roots
  • Trees with narrow canopies
  • Aesthetic criteria for planting design
  • Procedure for planting design

Ground Cover Plants

  • Introduction
  • Ground Covers: conifers, climbers, creepers, ornamental grasses
  • Low grasses to grow
  • How to build raised beds
  • Grevilleas
  • Thryptomene
  • Brachysema
  • Chorizema
  • Ardenbergia
  • Kennedya
  • Herbs: Thyme, chamomile, mint, alpine strawberry, etc
  • Landscaping with ferns

Walls and Fences

  • Introduction
  • Getting the style right
  • Different fences
  • Plants to grow on trellis
  • Espaliers
  • Garden arches
  • Choosing the rich arch
  • Timber and metal arches

Paths and Paving

  • Introduction
  • Where to use surfacing
  • Paving: different types of materials
  • Selecting materials
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Asphalt
  • Edging
  • Edging materials
  • Maintaining an edge
  • Aesthetics

Treating Slopes and Other Problem Areas

  • Erosion control
  • Helping plants establish on a slope
  • Drip irrigation, mulches, tree guards
  • Pocket planting, slope serration, wattling, spray seeding, etc
  • Shade
  • Plants suited to shade
  • Ferns and shade
  • Windbreaks, hedges and screens
  • Gardening in coastal areas
  • Design and planting a firebreak
  • Fire resistant plants

Garden Features

  • Colour
  • Complementing colours
  • Outdoor living areas: Patios, seating, garden structures, pool areas, pool surrounds
  • Rockeries
  • Drystone walls
  • Wet walls
  • Garden buildings and structures
  • Siting garden buildings
  • What to build
  • What to do with the floor
  • Planting around a garden building
  • Protective structures
  • Types of greenhouses
  • Decorative planters
  • Choosing and siting a planter
  • Garden lighting
  • Lighting trees, paths, ponds etc
  • Letterboxes

Designing for Low Maintenance

  • Introduction
  • The cost of garden maintenance
  • What costs
  • Expensive to maintain areas or features
  • Less expensive to maintain areas
  • Gardening in dry areas
  • Overcoming dry soils
  • Drought tolerant plants
  • Hardy plants for inner city gardens

Developing a Landscape Plan

  • The site planning process
  • Site analysis
  • Design concept
  • Master plan
  • Keeping it to scale
  • The importance of space

Management of Landscape Projects

  • Introduction
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Earthmoving
  • Importing soil
  • Workplace safety


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