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Not ready for a structured course: whet your appetite for online learning with bite size options

Committing to a course at any level can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you are still figuring out what you want to do before dedicating a large amount of time to one project, your work or life schedule currently doesn’t allow for an excess of spare time to complete your studies, or maybe you just prefer to learn in bite size pieces.

Whatever the reason, here at My Learning Online we recognise that everyone learns at different rates and across different time spans. We are all unique in how we like to learn, and the most important thing is finding a learning format that works for us individually and allows us to reach our fullest potential.

With this in mind, we have put together a handy guide including some of the ways you can break your learning down into smaller pieces and work in a way that suits you, no matter the time, place or topic.

So, let’s get cracking shall we!

We are all unique in how we like to learn

Online learning resource appetisers

We all love a good canapé to get the taste buds going before the main course, and learning is no different.

Having access to easily digestible snippets of information can be an excellent precursor to taking on the demands of a structured course, and can lead you down exciting paths you may not have known were even there.

Here are some of the best online resources to get your started:

  • LinkedIn Learning – Not just a place for professionals to connect and find work, LinkedIn also offers an online learning subscription where you can grow and enhance your skills in your chosen area. With the first month free and a ‘cancel any time’ policy, this a low pressure option if you don’t want to be tied into a full course just yet. There are a whole host of professional courses to choose from, and it is easy to use both your computer and mobile for on-the-go learning.
  • YouTube – YouTube is possibly the biggest video sharing platform in the world, being host to a seemingly endless supply of educational videos on every topic you can think of. Depending on your interests, there is everything from beauty tutorials, fitness and performing arts classes, all the way to Ted Talks on social and political issues – you name it, YouTube has got it!The platform is completely free and allows you to save your favourite videos and subscribe to channels you find interesting, as well as letting you start conversations in the comments sections and connect with likeminded people on your quest for knowledge.Some of our favourite educational Youtube creators include:
    • Crash Course – Brother duo John and Hank Green have created a series of videos called Crash Course, giving fun and engaging short lessons on everything from history to literature. John and Hank’s channel ‘Vlogbrothers’, which brought them both to acclaim, gives a more personal perspective on the Green brothers’ lives, chronicling their writing and teaching endeavours, as well as their charity support and other events. It’s a great place to hear intelligent people talking in depth about a range of topics you may not have realised you needed to know about.
    • TED TED Talks are an excellent source of knowledge where you can hear from field professionals, celebrities, writers and so on, usually entering around themes of humanity and issues that arise in the world in which we live. TED Talks are engaging and informative and will leave you wanting to do your own research into these fascinating topics.
  • Go1 – Go1 is an online learning platform aimed mainly at businesses and organisations to help grow and develop their workforce. The learning is delivered in manageable, bite size lessons, usually lasting around 30-45 minutes, and offers everything from business skills and compliance to personal development sessions. Whether you want to upskill in a certain area or learn how to manage and maintain some inner calm, Go1 is a great option if you need to schedule your learning around your work.
  • SkillshareSkillshare is an innovative online learning space where teachers and creators can share and teach their craft or business, allowing you to access a huge library of skills from the comfort of home. While a membership is required, you get the first month free, and you will have access to thousands of online classes where you can discover a new skill or hone the ones you already have. With everything from photography, illustration and fabric design to entrepreneurial classes, there is an abundance of knowledge to be discovered that may enhance your learning before committing to a more structured or full-time course.
  • Social MediaSocial media is one of the fastest growing phenomena of the 21st Century. We can now connect, buy, sell and market ourselves and our businesses across this multitude of platforms. And with such a surge of incoming content, there is now more opportunity than ever to access learning online. Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter…the list goes on and each platform has something entirely unique to offer, with everything from how-to videos, tutorials, monthly challenges and inspiration, the world truly is your educational oyster.
There are some great options to see if learning online is for you

Take your online learning to the next level

Feel like you might want to look at some options for future structured courses? Want something to work towards?

We’ve got just the thing. 

Here at My Learning Online we have a huge array of professionally tailored courses in various business sectors to choose from. Whether you are starting out or returning to training, a certificate is an impressive asset for any resume, showing a commitment to your work as well as an openness and curiosity to keep learning. Not only will you learn new skills on one of our online courses, but you will also have opportunities to network with like-minded people, opening doors for different job opportunities and business ventures in all kinds of industries.

We offer a multitude of courses in these sectors:

All our certificates follow an entirely online course structure, so you have the flexibility to work your learning around your current schedule and lifestyle. This 24/7 access to learning and total flexibility is what sets us apart from other study programs, and is the perfect choice for anyone who perhaps doesn’t want to commit to a full time degree, or wants a more economical and practical option.

Not only that, for the courses which require it, we will send you your very own custom-made kit straight to your front door, with everything you will need to get started on your journey.

Each of our courses comes with a downloadable brochure with more information on course content, accessing your learning online, tutor support and more. We also have course fee payment plans available to make the financial side of things that little bit easier.

Reach out to our friendly team of course consultants for any questions or queries you have. We can also help to direct you towards the best course to fit your interests and professional aspirations.

Get your future going with a course at My Learning Online today!


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