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A day in the life of a farmer – using tech to manage your farm

When it comes to running a farm, there is much more to the job than simply herding cows and sheep. This 24/7 job is a huge undertaking, but if managed properly can be extremely rewarding. The days can be long and there are strict processes and procedures to follow in order to ensure the best care for the animals, as well as the best product results.

Proper farm management is vital for anyone wanting to take steps into the business, but how do you learn about running the show as it should be? My Learning Online is here to lend a helping hand..and hoof!

We are going to take you through some of the main processes any budding farmer will need to know when it comes to running a top notch farm, as well as how our farm management farm course can help get you where you need to be.

What are the three common functions of farm management?

What are the activities of managing a farm, we hear you ask? We have the answers. There are three main functions of farm management which are implemented to ensure a smooth running farm, these include:


The first step in farm management is to plan, to gather data and ensure the best outline and structure for the farming months ahead. During this process, farmers will take into account the needs of both the animal and farming environment, how much of everything they will need (e.g. feeds, equipment, medicine), time frames for breeding and much more.

The planning function is all about prepping for the future to ensure a smooth sailing season.


Next comes implementation, where the plan is put into action. Each step of the planning process will become a reality, and while the plan is an excellent outline, farmers must always expect the unexpected. 

When it comes to animals and nature, things don’t always run perfectly. Issues such as weather, disease and breeding/birthing difficulties can all have a significant impact on the running of a farm season. If a farmer has a few tricks up their sleeve when the cow pats hit the fan, they will be able to avoid extensive damage to their business and livestock.


The final step is control. Once the farming plan has been implemented, it is then all about the control and maintenance of the farm. This can be the tricky part, as aforementioned issues can arise and cause discord. 

Farming days are long and constant; farmers are required to do regular checks and tasks 24/7 to ensure the farm thrives. With everything from feeding times, weather/temperature control and birthing seasons, a farmer’s job is constant, and diligence and dedication are the keys to a well-controlled farm environment.

3 Functions of farm management infographic

A day in the life of a farmer: using tech to manage your farm

When it comes to keeping your farm in check, technology can come in mighty handy as an organisational tool. Online farm management systems are a great way of keeping a well laid-out plan of the farming season ahead.

Here are a few of our favourite systems that you may find work for you too:

  • AGRIVI – A farming management tool hailing from AgTech, AGRIVI is an excellent choice for those looking to get insight into profitability and proper risk management. This software will help you get the most out of your farming business, maximising both the running of the farm and profitable output.

    It is multilingual, easy to use, helps to track equipment and inventory, as well as offering real-time data to help you keep on top of things.
  • Conservis – Excellent for use in crop farming, this piece of software works on a cloud-based system to help farmers with both productivity and profitability. Offering overviews of assets and farming activities, this nifty piece of kit also helps crop farmers with the analysing of harvest processes, strategy comparisons, and even comes up with operating scenarios to ensure no stones are left unturned in the planning process.

    This software is excellent for tracking inventory and progress, as well as gaining an insightful overall view of their performance all in one place.
  • FarmRite – Another cloud-based software, FarmRite is a top notch choice for those who love a list. You can schedule tasks, create to-do lists, as well as keep an eye on the farming season with the built in calendar, making tracking the implementation and progress of your farm as easy as pie. It also has handy features such as finance tracking and customer management to keep an eye on profits and keep up with customer demand and rapport.

    FarmRite is an easy way to keep on top of everything, as well as helping to identify any issues or trends that may arise.
Using tech to manage your farm infographic

Farm management courses with My Learning Online

When starting out in any chosen profession, it is key to learn all the foundational knowledge and skills that you can, and one of the best ways to begin your journey is to find a specific course that is tailored to your needs and wants. 

Undertaking a specialised online course will offer you a structured learning environment in which to access all the skills you need to pursue your chosen career, as well as lead you in the right direction for business and employment opportunities. 

Here at My Learning Online we have multiple courses in the agricultural sector, with a particular focus on the farming industry. Each of our courses is professionally tailored to give you the best start to your career. 

Some of our farm management and agriculture courses include:

All of our courses come with a downloadable brochure, providing more information on course content and modules, assessments, online learning and tutor support. Also, to make financing your studies more manageable, we do offer course fee payment plans to those who’d prefer to stagger their payments into bite sized chunks.

If you have any questions about enrolling in one of our agriculture and farming courses, our course consultants are on hand to guide you.

Whether you already have your eyes on a farm you want to work with, or want to know how to start a farm of your own, make your dreams a reality with My Learning Online.


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